Slip, slide, and test your nerve with our exhilarating Gorge Walking experience

Gorge Walking in the Cairngorms

A truly exhilarating experience, get ready to walk, wade, swim, scramble and clamber up small waterfalls, gullies, and chutes. Of course, every good experience needs the ultimate high, once you reach the top of the gorge it’s a 10-foot step into the plunge pool! Once you’ve conquered that, slip and slide your way back down those gullies and chutes.

Our Gorge Walking is set in a stunning little gorge just a 15-minute drive from Cairngorms Activities. You’ll be fully briefed and kitted out with a 5mm full-body wetsuit, buoyancy aid, and helmet. You’ll change in the comfort of our changing rooms before making your way to the gorge.

Gorge Walking is the perfect morning or afternoon activity for a group of family and friends, school or youth group, stag or hen, or as part of corporate team-building. This 3-hour activity is suitable for ages 10+ years and is available from April-October.

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Gorge Walking

£55 per person (10+ years) 3 hours

You'll walk, wade, swim, scramble and clamber up waterfalls, gullies and chutes during this exhilarating gorge walking experience. Our expert instructors will provide you with all the safety kits, wetsuits and a whole lot of fun! Plus, offering up the ultimate challenge for the brave at heart is the big climb to complete the ten-foot step into the plunge pool below. Are you feeling brave enough?

Children aged 10 - 16 years must be accompanied by an adult participant.

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