BattleZone Open Sessions

Family fun with BattleZone open sessions.

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From £18 per person (8+ years)


All year round


2 hours

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Family Friendly Laser Tag Games

Looking for a couple of hours of family fun? Join our Battlezone open sessions and play with and against other families and young players. In 2 teams you’ll go head to head in some fun games and scenarios, using laser tag technology for a safe and interactive experience.

BattleZone is perfect for getting the kids away from their computer games and enjoying an outdoor gaming activity the whole family can participate in. With multiple lives and re-spawns, no one has to sit this one out!

A boy playing the laser tag game, BattleZone

What's Included?

  • A highly qualified instructor
  • Up to 2 full hours of interactive briefings and games
  • Join forces with friends and family, and go head to head in different scenarios
  • Unlimited life spawning
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Variety of full-size model weapon choices
  • Open sessions are suitable for children aged 8+ years, family groups, couples and individuals
A group of friends playing the laser tag game, BattleZone