Float or swim with Raft Building at Cairngorms Activities

Raft Building in the Cairngorms

Looking for an activity that will have you bonding, learning new skills, and laughing all at the same time? Raft Building at Cairngorms Activities could be just the ticket!

Your raft building session will take place on our on-site purpose-built pond. Your team (or teams) will be given plastic drums, long wooden poles, and lots of rope... what comes next is up to you!

Working together, and under the expert eyes of our instructors, you’ll design and build your rafts. Kitted out with buoyancy aids, helmets, and paddles, you’ll take your rafts to the water and test their ‘seaworthiness’.

See which team’s raft fares the best, race across the pond, and see who gets crowned champion raft builders at the end. Don’t worry, our heated changing rooms will be available for those whose rafts don’t pass the buoyancy test!

This is a great activity for schools and youth groups, stag and hen groups, or corporate team building days.

Raft Building

From £22 (8+ years) 2 to 3 hours

Available from April - October

Using a mixture of planks, barrels and ropes, you'll be tasked with building your very own raft! Our instructors will be on hand with top-notch design and knot tying tips, and once built, it's time to take to the water to test out your designs. Will yours pass the raft MOT?

Minimum of 8 people required. Check availability 👇

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Raft Building for Children and Young People

Prices vary (8+ years) 2 to 3 hours

Raft building is a great activity to get youngsters really working together. Communication is key here, and groups will need to work as a solid team to ensure they not only build the ultimate raft but also so that they can paddle it together once out on the water.

Minimum of 8 people required. Check availability 👇

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Come dressed for the weather conditions on the day of your activity.


All activities are guided by our experienced instructors.

Under 18's

Under 18’s need written parental consent before they can take part in an activity.

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