Raft Building

Will your team paddle to victory?

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April - October


2 to 3 hours

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Raft Building in the Cairngorms

Challenge your friends, colleagues, or schoolmates to a fun raft building session in the Cairngorms.

Under the guidance of our friendly instructors, your team will design and construct a raft out of the planks, barrels, and rope provided. Once built, this is where the fun really begins!

Taking to the water to test its buoyancy, your team will see if your raft is going to safely carry you across the pond or if you’ll be getting wet! You’ll then go head-to-head with your rival teams, enjoy some competitive fun and games and see who’s raft leads their team to victory.

A group taking part in raft building activity

What's Included?

  • Instructor-led 3-hour session (2-hour sessions also available)
  • Introductions to the equipment
  • Guidance throughout from our knowledgable instructors
  • Access to our purpose-built pond
  • All building equipment including planks, barrels, and ropes
  • Buoyancy aids, helmets, and paddles
  • Toilets and changing facilities available on-site
Raft building, a great activity for groups